Socialchicks: Acceptance

Wanting to change the world is one thing, being unhappy with it quite another.

Socialchicks: Illusion

Humans have many talents, but telling the future is not one of them.

Socialchicks: Squalor

Regularity is the mother of satisfaction.


I am glad humans are the only species obsessed with gadgets. Save your love for living beings, don't get attached to metal, glass, and silicone.

Socialchicks: Regress

Many of the human achievements in industrialization and technologization are truly steps backwards in our ability to live.

Socialchicks: Sansara

There are some things you learn by trial and error; and other decisions that you have only one shot at.

Socialchicks: Input

Meetings can inspire you - to draw cartoons like this one.

Socialchicks: Australian expedition, Day 7

As always, the chicks have the usual (and the usually shocking) encounter with humans.

Socialchicks: Australian expedition, Day 5

After the kangaroo, the echidna, and the koala, it is time to talk to a wombat.


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