Socialchicks: Mean

An average American also watches about 5 hours of TV daily, owes about $16,000 on credit cards (per household), consumes close to 3,000 calories worth of food daily - and last but not least (and perhaps worst of all) is convinced of t

Socialchicks 140 SE: Retribution

This is the second time that I am enjoying Valentine's day thanks to being single, and let me tell you it feels great.

Socialchicks 139 SE: Strawberries

One of the few redeeming features of Valentine's day is that it doesn't come with the expectation to eat till you can't move.

Socialchicks 138 SE: Hearts

Now that people are finally done tossing, donating, and forgetting their Christmas presents, it is time to engage in another bout of meaningless consumerism - this time in the name of love.

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